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New Teacher Mentoring

Mentor Logs can be turned in at the end of the month or at our next meeting.

Mentoring Matters

Why is New Teacher Mentoring a priority for Wyoming Indian Schools?

Learning new curriculum, dealing with classroom management and discipline, integrating students with special needs, using technology, individualizing student programs, coordinating extracurricular activities and being accountable to the various stakeholders of education are just a few of the jobs teachers do. Many of these duties are difficult for the most experienced professional, so one wonders how beginning teachers survive, since they are expected, on their very first day of employment, to do the job of a seasoned veteran.  FCSD 14, seeing a need to nurture the new generation of teachers, has put in place a formal mentorship program.

A buddy system is not enough to sustain a teacher new to the profesion or a seasoned teacher new to our district.  It takes planned, ongoing, collaborative, and engaging conversations to provide the support and encouragement required for a successful start and finish to every school year.  The overarching goal of the mentor program is to improve teaching – for both the Mentor and Mentee.  Growing together in a trusting professional relationship of purpose benefits everyone involved.


Goals of the Mentor and Mentee Program

  • To provide a positive and successful transition of professionals into the district.
  • To promote the personal and professional well-being of professionals new to the district.
  • To provide ongoing guidance, support, and reinforcement to professionals new to the district through an organized, well-defined program.
  • To promote excellence in instruction to improve student performance.
  • To build awareness of the culture of the community, district, and school.
  • To increase mutual respect and collaboration among professional educators through collegial activities.
  • To increase retention of professionals new to the district.


New Teacher Mentoring Video Survival Guide from Teacher Channel

Mentor video