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Suicide Prevention

Suicide Prevention

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The Board of Trustees recognizes that self-destructive behavior and suicide occurs among children and adolescents in our country.  Students who experience serious depression are unable to benefit fully from the educational program of the school.  Moreover, such students pose a danger both to self and possibly to others.

Students identified as self-destructive are in the need of appropriate help as quickly as possible.  The primary efforts of school personnel working with a depressed or suicidal student are support parental contact and referral.  To that end, student confidentiality may be waived in life-threatening situations.

The Board of Trustees directs the administration to:

  • develop guidelines or procedures to effectively intervene in life-threatening situations; and
  • enlist the support, awareness and involvement of all district staff in the identification of suicidal signals and utilize existing school staff for program implementation.


Jason Flatt Suicide Prevention Training

Staff are required to complete the following trainings:

  1.  Youth Suicide “A Silent Epidemic” (2 hrs)
  2.  Prevention is the Key (2 hrs)
  3.  Both videos are required.  Submit completion Certificates to the HR department.

Instructions for Accessing the training videos.

  1. You will need to create an username and login when you enter the site.  Click the REGISTER button in the top right hand corner of the site.  Complete the registration information.  You will receive the following message in your email:


Thank you for signing up on With this login, you can take the training sessions, quizzes, and get your certificates. If you need to reprint a certificate, simply login and select the reprint certificate link on videos page.

Thank you!

The Jason Foundation 


  1. Use the username and password you created to LOGIN at
  2. Click on the BLUE BOX TITLED TWO-HOUR COURSES in the middle of the page. 
  3. Complete the two Modules required by the district.
  4. Print out your completion certificates and submit to HR.




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