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Bloodborne Pathogens

Bloodborne Pathogens

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The Board of Trustees are committed to providing a healthful environment for all students and employees.  Actions taken with respect to students or employees found to have a communicable disease will be consistent with rights afforded individuals under state and federal statutory, regulatory and constitutional provisions.  Each case of said student or staff member will be treated on an individual basis.


The Superintendent or Designee will be responsible for determining the information to be disseminated to staff, parents and community when a communicable disease is identified or suspected in the school setting.


The District will continue to use information from available resources, which may include the national Center for Disease Control and the Wyoming Department of Health to review and adopt its policies and procedures.  In that regard, the District will adopt a bloodborne pathogen exposure control plan consistent with OSHA standards, and provide training to staff regarding the bloodborne pathogen exposure control plan consistent with the risk of exposure which the staff are subject to.  The bloodborne pathogen exposure control plan does not incorporate all the OSHA regulations applicable to bloodborne pathogens and the exposure control and training consultant referenced in EBBA-R shall be familiar with applicable OSHA regulations and provide appropriate training to comply with the OSHA regulations and changes to those regulations as may hereafter be implemented by OSHA.


Bloodborne Pathogen Training

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