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Educator Effectiveness

Educator Effectiveness

The dedication of Wyoming Indian Schools to fully support our Mission to “... empower all students to learn at high levels to become successful in a dynamic world, while strengthening their cultural identities and traditions” is unwavering. 

One effort to provide this support is by being committed to the implementation of the Wyoming Legislature SEA0031 passed during the 2017 Legislative Session. This legislation has two main pieces, one is the Certified Personnel Evaluation Systems (CPES) for District and School Leaders and the other is CPES for teachers.  In our efforts to involve stakeholders and inform our community of these efforts, this site outlines the evaluation system and processes we use to ensure every leader and teacher is fully prepared to make our Mission a Reality for every child. 


District and Building Leaders

District Leader – The Superintendent is evaluated on an annual basis by the School Board utilizing the tool created by the Wyoming School Boards Association.

Purpose of Evaluation

1. Determine the effectiveness of the Superintendent in achieving the goals of the district and adhering to job expectations.

2. Clarify responsibilities and expectations for the Superintendent.

3. Assure the Board that its policies are being implemented and followed.

4. Enhance the working relationship between the Board and the Superintendent.

5. Promote the professional development of the Superintendent.

6. Guide decisions relative to continued employment and compensation.


Building Leaders – The Superintendent evaluates building leaders – Principals and Assistant Principals – on an annual basis utlizing the tool created by McRel. 

Purpose of Evaluation

This tool was selected as a system that meets the values of FCSD #14 for Balanced Leadership-Based and Standards-Based  Evaluation of building leadership.  It assists the Superintendent in answering the following questions:

Are the principals leading instruction effectively?

Are principals conveying clear goals?

Are principals establishing order and discipline while serving as agents for change? 



Teachers – Teachers are evaluated by the principal on a basis outlined by School Board policy GCN utilizing the tool created by McRel.

Purpose of Evaluation

This tool was selected as a system that meets the Values and Collective Committments of FCSD #14 for instruction and teaching.  It assists the Principal in supporting and guiding teachers towards continued instructional growth and expertise.

  1.  It is based on the proven instructional strategies in Classroom Instruction That Works (2nd ed.). 
  2.  It uses the CUES Framework focusing to evaluate teacher growth on
    1. Reinforcing teachers’ depth of knowledge (Content)
    2. Their abilities to deliver high-quality instruction (Understanding)
    3. Create conditions that support learning for all students (Environment)
    4. Use resources to inspire rigorous learning (Support).